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  • (adj) (especially of a process or organization) just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential. “the nascent space industry”
  • (adj) (chiefly of hydrogen) freshly generated in a reactive form.

Nascent meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • अपरिपक्व, उत्पन्न, उदीयमान, नया, नवजात, वर्द्धमान, विकासशील, विकासोन्मुख, होनहार, ताज़ा, आरम्भ होता हुआ, उठने वाला, बढ़ने वाला, होने वाला, जायमान, शुरुआती स्तर पर

Nascent origin

  • early 17th century: from Latin nascent ‘being born’, from the verb nasci .

Nascent in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • Higher taxes are killing India’s nascent hedge funds, Higher taxes are killing India’s nascent hedge funds … By contrast, equity investment in India by overseas financial investors is upward of $400 …
  • Chandrayaan 2: Here’s what Former President APJ Abdul Kalam …, Chandrayaan 2 Latest News: Former President of India Late Dr APJ … were at nascent stages, Dr Kalam had shared that the exploration of the …
  • The case for P/E de-rating of Indian markets, India is the most expensive equity market globally. … unlike China, our growth drivers are nascent and will keep ascending for the next decade.
  • Opinion | The bankruptcy code awaits further clarity, Foreign investors in India’s still-nascent market for impaired debt had also been
  • Why India’s E-Commerce Policy Is Actually Beneficial For The …, While India’s e-commerce sector is still at a nascent stage, it is set for a high rate of growth, and by 2022 it is projected to be worth over $71 …

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Nascent

  • “new soul sent”… earth
  • it has the word SCENT in it,SCENT daalo to smell comes into existence

Nascent pronunciation

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