Admonish English Hindi meaning

Admonish Vocab Meme Dicitionary – English to Hindi translation with pictures

Admonish [ad-mon-ish]

  • (verb) to caution, advise, or counsel against something
  • (verb) to reprove or scold, especially in a mild and good-willed manner:
    “The teacher admonished him about excessive noise”
  • (verb) to urge to a duty; remind, “to admonish them about their obligations”

Admonish (ऐड्मानिश) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • सावधान करना, कान खोलना, नम्रता से झिड़कना,  साधारण चेतावनी देना, गम्भीरता से सलाह देना

Admonish Origin

  • Middle English amonest ‘urge, exhort’, from Old French amonester, based on Latin admonere ‘urge by warning’

Admonish in a sentence (usage in newspaper)

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of admonish

  • Mom admonishing ” beta so jao nahi De-mon aa jaayega”

Admonish Pronunciation

Sunny Deol Admonishing 🙂


adjure English Hindi meaning

Adjure Vocab Meme Dictionary – English to Hindi Translation with Pictures

Adjure [uhjoo r]

  • (verb) urge or request (someone) solemnly or earnestly to do something;“I adjure you to tell me the truth”

Adjure(अजुर) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • अनुरोध करना या अनुनय करना,शपथ दिलाकर कोई बात पूछना,सौगंध दिलाना,कसम खिलाना

Adjure Origin

  • late Middle English (in the sense ‘put a person on oath’): from Latin adjurare, from ad- ‘to’ + jurare ‘swear’ (from jus, jur- ‘oath’).

Can be confused with abjure, adjure

Adjure in a sentence (usage in newspaper)

  • I often adjure more cynical friends to consider our genuine and undeniable national strength, and strengths.
  • As a young intern, I may not be the paramount authority to adjure you.
  • I unflinching subscribe to it and adjure the general public to back social reform too.
  • we, politely, adjure the IGP and the Hon. Minister for women and gender affairs to, personally, take an interest in this case

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of adjure

  • ADD+JEWAR(jewellery)…..wife demanding(adjuring).. mere ko aur jewar chahiye

Adjure Pronunciation

Guess who is adjuring in the video below