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  • (adj) (of something regarded as unpleasant) continuing without pause or interruption. “the incessant beat of the music”

Incessant meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • अनवरत, सतत्, अविराम, लगातार, अश्रांत, लगातार

Incessant origin

  • late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin incessant-, from in- ‘not’ + Latin cessant- ‘ceasing’ (from the verb cessare ).

Incessant in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • Incessant rains trigger floods in Thailand and India, Meanwhile, across the Bay of Bengal, floods triggered by incessant rains in India’s central Madhya Pradesh state have inundated houses, …
  • Rajasthan: Flood-like situation in Kota after incessant rains in …, Incessant rainfall in several parts of Madhya Pradesh has created a flood-like situation in neighbouring Kota district of Rajasthan as majority of …
  • Incessant rains and release of water from dams increases …, In Madhya Pradesh, due to incessant rains and release of water from various dams, flood risk has increased again in many districts of the state.
  • 3rd T20I: Virat Kohli and Company seek 2-0 series verdict …, After the opening match between the two sides was washed out due to incessant rain, Deepak Chahar and Indian skipper Virat Kohli guided …
  • Sardar Sarovar Dam Water Level Rises as Incessant Rains Continue … The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted heavy rains …

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Incessant 

  • IN(MEANS not)+cessa(sounds like CEASE (MEANS TO STOP)…something which does not stop , and continues forever, hence UNINTERRUPTED AND UNCEASING.
  • the meeting is IN SESSION and it may never end.

Incessant pronunciation

How to Pronounce Incessant