valiant meaning in HindiValiant

  • (adj) possessing or showing courage or determination; “she made a valiant effort to hold her anger in check”

Valiant (वैल्यन्ट) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • दिलेर, पराक्रमी, बहादुर, विक्रांत, वीर, शूर, शूरवीर, साहसी, बहादुराना, वीरतापूर्ण

Valiant Origin

  • Middle English (also in the sense ‘robust, well-built’): from Old French vailant, based on Latin valere ‘be strong’.

Valiant in a sentence (word usage in recent newspaper)

  • His valiant knock comprised 12 fours and three sixes.
  • A valiant fight put up by two groups of soldiers helped avoid a major hostage crisis as the three terrorists stormed into an Army installation.
  • Playing in his 14th Test, the right-handed batsman scored a valiant 103 against the dominant visitors to help draw the fourth Test in Nagpur.
  • Bitburger Open: Despite valiant effort, Sourabh Verma loses in final.
  • No stone would be left unturned to help these valiant sons of the soil, he added.

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of valiant

  • Valiant –> great effort by ‘ant’ in the ‘valley’

Valiant Pronunciation


indomitable meaning in Hindi

indomitable Vocab Meme Dictionary – English to Hindi translation with picture dictionary


  • (adj) impossible to subdue or defeat; “a woman of indomitable spirit”

indomitable (इन्डामिटबल) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • अजय, अदम्य

indomitable Origin

  • mid 17th century (in the sense ‘untameable’): from late Latin indomitabilis, from in- ‘not’ + Latin domitare ‘to tame’.

indomitable in a sentence (word usage in recent newspaper)

  • Outsider Sakshi’s bronze tribute to indomitable spirit.
  • P.V. Sindhu – a story of indomitable passion and incredible grace.
  • He has an “indomitable spirit” and he never gives up.
  • I must salute your courageous parents and your indomitable coach.
  • I am deeply determined to motivate this indomitable and strong Nigerian team.

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of indomitable

  • indomitable – jisko dominate nahi kar sakte

indomitable pronunciation