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  • (verb) wet thoroughly, soak. “I fell in the stream and was drenched”
  • (verb) forcibly administer a drug in liquid form orally to (an animal). “three-times-a-year drenching for calves”
  • (noun) a dose of medicine administered to an animal. “a worming drench”

Drench meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • भीगना, गीला करना, सराबोर कर देना, दवा पिलाना, सराबोर करना, भिगाना, डुबाना, भिगोना, बौछाड़, मूसलधार बारिश

Drench origin

  • Old English drencan ‘force to drink’, drenc ‘a drink or draught’, of Germanic origin; related to German tränken (verb), Trank (noun), also to drink..

Drench in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • Snowfall on high reaches of HP, fresh rain shower drench in many …
  • From Hampi to Puri: Drench in the spirit of Holi at these destinations …
  • Stolen AK-47s drench Bihar in blood
  • Tropical downpours to renew flood threat in southern India, Sri Lanka …
  • Night long rains drench Bengaluru; Apartments near Hulimavu lake …

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Drench

  • souse water on his hot face

Drench pronunciation


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Dipsomaniac English Hindi meaning

Dipsomaniac Vocab Meme Dictionary – English to Hindi translation with picture dictionary

Dipsomaniac [dip-suh-mey-nee-ak, -soh-]

  • (noun) a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

Dipsomaniac (डिप्समेनीऐक) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • मद्यप, पियक्कड़, शराब का लती

Dipsomaniac Origin

  • 1855-60; dipsomani(a) + -ac

Dipsomaniac in a sentence (usage in newspaper)

  • By the time his two-year term as Collector was over, he was on the road to becoming a dipsomaniac.
  • One of his sons, Ali was a lonesome dipsomaniac.
  • Alcoholism – also known as dipsomania – was starting to have a serious impact on communities.
  • The whole place is unutterably charming, driving enchanted tourists to dipsomania in a rooftop bar.

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of dipsomaniac

  • Dip Dip Dip… after so many dips in alcohol .. uske baad ‘so’ gaya – “Dip” + “so” maniac

Dipsomaniac pronunciation

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