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Utopia English Hindi Dictionary

Utopia Vocab Meme Dictionary – English to Hindi translation with picture

Utopia [yoo-toh-pee-uh]

  • (noun) an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect

Utopia (युटोपीअ / यूटोपीअ) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • आदर्शलोक,यूटोपिया (f),आदर्श राज्य,कल्पना-लोक (m),राम-राज्य,आदर्श लोक

Utopia in a sentence

Mnemonic Trick to remember the meaning of utopia

  • remember etheopia which is a country. consider it as an ideal place on earth for everyone.

Utopia Pronunciation

There’s No Place Like Utopia – movie trailer