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Acrophobia meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • ऊंचाई का डर

Acrophobia meaning in English (Vocabulary words)

  • (noun) extreme or irrational fear of heights.

Acrophobia origin (Root word)

  • late 19th century: from Greek akron ‘summit’ + -phobia.

Acrophobia in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • ‘Dare To Leap’ challenge for Realme smartphone sees …, … for Realme smartphone sees acrophobic India CEO go skydiving … Chinese smartphone brand Realme India’s CEO Madhav Seth went …
  • Shashi Tharoor’s Word of the Week: Phobia, There’s acrophobia, a fear of heights (from the same root that gives us the … these days, as well as increasingly seen, sadly, in BJP-ruled India.
  • India’s First Sky Cycling Park To Open In Kullu, Well, if fear of heights is called acrophobia then maybe the love for heights … India’s first and so far the highest sky cycling park is all set open in …
  • Vikranth says he is acrophobic, “I have acrophobia and it was very tough for me when I worked in the bank heist action thriller Suttu Pidikka Uttharavu which has major stunts …
  • The Acrophobia Wars, “It’s not that India does not have the wherewithal. It’s just a mindset that we need to have international participation. Which is why tender …

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Acrophobia 

  • ACRObat performs from great heights… PHOBIA means fear ACROPHOBIA = fear of heights

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