Inexorable (or Implacable)

Inexorable and Implacable Vocabulary Words

Inexorable and Implacable +2 Vocabulary Words to your Word List

Inexorable [in-ek-ser-uh-buhl] (adjective)

  • Impossible to stop or prevent ; “inexorable rise of Facebook”
  • relentless,unavoidable,stubborn,unchangeable,implacable

Implacable [imˈplakəbəl] (adjective)

  • not to be appeased, mollified, or pacified; inexorable;”an implacable enemy”
  • incapable of being placated; Relentless; unstoppable ; Inexorable

Inexorable and Implacable Word Usage in News:

Fatuous (or Imbecilic)

Fatuous and Imbecile - Vocabulary Words

Fatuous and Imbecile Vocab Meme +2 Vocabulary Words to your Wordlist

Fatuous [fach-oo-uhs] (adjective)

  • foolish, silly,devoid of intelligence,imbecilic,inane,idiotic

Imbecile [im-buh-sil, -suhl (noun)

  • a stupid person
  • having a mental age of three to seven years

Fatuous and Imbecile Word Usage:

Transgress (or Transgression)

Transgress Vocabulary Word

Transgress Vocab Meme + Vocabulary Word to your Word List

Transgress [trans-gres, tranz-] (verb)

  • go to against a rule; to violate a law, command, moral code, etc.; offend; sin.
  • pass beyond (limits or boundaries)

Transgression (noun)

  • the act of transgressing

Transgress Word usage:

  • Little bird Seagull transgressed like a boss !
  • Those are the rules and anyone who transgresses will be severely punished.

Transgress Word Usage in News:


Perfidious (or Perfidy)

Perfidious Vocabulary Word

Perfidious Vocab Meme +1 Vocabulary Word to your Word List

Perfidious [per-fid-ee-uhs] (adjective)

  • tending to betray, faithless, treacherous, disloyalty

Perfidy (noun)

  • deliberate breach of faith or trust; faithlessness; treachery

Perfidious Word Usage

  • Perfidious lover was castigated by her husband

Perfidious Word Usage in News:

Oblivious (or Oblivion)

Oblivious Vocabulary Word

Oblivious Vocab Meme

Oblivious [uh-bliv-ee-uhs] (adjective)

  • Not aware of what is happening around

Oblivion (noun)

  • condition of being forgotten,exile,inattentive,unmindful

Oblivious Word usage

  • John was oblivious to the danger around him.

Oblivious Word Usage in recent News:

Apple Maps steers oblivious motorists onto airport runway

Oblivious man spends night with crocodile under bed