(Straight) from the horse’s mouth

Straight from the horse's mouth

‘Straight from the horse’s mouth’ idiom Meme – English to Hindi Translation with Picture

From the horse’s mouth

  • (idiom) (of information) from the person directly concerned or another authoritative source

‘From the horse’s mouth’ Origin

  • The horse’s teeth can tell you the horse’s age and the health of the horse.  A smart horse trader or buyer could get all the information he needed from “the horse’s mouth”.  That is, directly, without hearing the ‘truth’ from anyone else.

‘From the horse’s mouth’ in a sentence

  • As a result, she decided to quit ‘Kumkum Bhagya’! We are yet to hear the exact story from the horse’s mouth.
  • Upon hearing this news from the horse’s mouth Rochelle started crying.
  • But, now it comes from the horse’s mouth directly. Director Rajamouli has said that Madhuri is not a part of the second Bahubali project.
  • And what better way than to get it directly from the horse’s mouth?
  • Well, that’s pretty much coming from the horse’s mouth.

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Pull a rabbit out of your hat

pull the rabbit out of hat

“pull the rabbit out of a hat” Idiom Vocab Meme Dictionary with picture

Pull a rabbit out of your hat (idiom)

  • to do something surprising


  • Lit. [for a magician] to make something, such as a live rabbit, seem to appear by pulling it out of a top hat or out of the air.This expression alludes to the magician’s trick of pulling some unexpected object out of a hat. That object is often rabbit, and the expression pull a rabbit out of a hat is often used to mean “get magical results”.

“pull the rabbit out of a hat” usage in News

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