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  • (noun) the state of having limits or bounds. “one quickly senses the finitude of his patience”

Finitude in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • Opinion | Data is not oil, … news had the analogy of data and oil not been so popular in India. … formulation of data as “the new oil”, however, was not about finitude.
  • Over-representation of Minorities in Indian Prisons, The authors then draw on recent memoirs of imprisoned Indian … a shared vocabulary of injustice, pain, human finitude, and vulnerability.
  • Ted Chiang’s Stories Transcend Themes, Pose Essential …, In Chiang’s future, even as technology rapidly advances, human finitude persists along with the human capacity for love, empathy, and …
  • A Delicate Weave: folk singers from Western India celebrate …. which speak of the fragility and finitude of life, the inevitability of grief and an …
  • Book Review: Finding Sacred Spaces in the Anthropocene, For Macfarlane, however, it seems to be only a powerful challenge and shock that discloses our vulnerability and radical finitude. In that case …

Finitude pronunciation

How to Pronounce Finitude