Enigma English Hindi Dictionary

Enigma Vocab Meme Dictionary English to Hindi Translation

Enigma [uhnig-muh]

  • (noun) a person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand

Enigma (अनिग्म / इनिग्म) meaning in Hindi

  • पहेली (f),प्रहेलिका,बुझौवल,रहस्य,समस्या,गूढ़ प्रश्न,पेचदार बात

Enigma in a sentence

Mnemonic Trick to remember the meaning of Engima

  • e(nigma) Consider the word in brackets. Nigma sounds Nagma.nagma’s affair is always a mystry and puzzle

How to Pronounce Enigma

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Epicure English to Hindi Dictionary with picture

Epicure Vocab Meme Dictionary – English Hindi Translation with pictures

Epicure [ep-i-kyoo r]

  • (noun) a person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink;connoisseur.

Epicure (एपक्युर / एपिक्युर) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • चटोरा,रसिया (m),स्वादलोलुप,भोगवादी व्यक्ति,विषयासक्त व्यक्ति,स्वादलोलुप व्यक्ति

Epicure in a sentence (word usage from news)

  • Whether you are keen on cooking or just an epicure, Big Oven is a good app to have.
  • With their emphasis on epicurean delights, Azul Sensatori stands out from the crowd of Riviera Maya resorts.
  • Rappahannock plans an epic epicurean event.
  • Clemente is working with the Epicurean to create a spectacular wedding and fast.
  • The Epicurean Restaurant has been designed with a soft cream palette and highlights of colour and metallic detailing.

Mnemonic Trick to remember the meaning of Epicure

  • EPIC-CURRY…one who can write an EPIC on CURRY has to be a CONNOISSEUR OF FOOD..

Pronunciation of epicure

Epicurean Akshay Kumar


Enduring English Hindi meaning with image

Enduring Vocab Meme +1 Vocabulary Word to your Wordlist

Enduring [en-doo r-ing, –dyoo r-]

  • (adj) lasting over a period of time; enduring love; enduring promises
  • (adj) patient; long-suffering.

Enduring (एन्डुरिंग) meaning in Hindi

  • टिकाऊ,सहनीय,स्थायी,चिरस्थाई,चिरस्थायी

Enduring in a sentence (Word usage in recent news)

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Enduring

  • enduring – durable(duracell) – means long-lasting.

How to pronounce Enduring

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Elude (or Elusive)

Tom and Jerry Elusive meme

Elusive Vocab Meme +1 Vocabulary Words to your Word list

Elude [ih-lood] (Verb)

  • to avoid or escape by speed, cleverness, trickery, etc.; evade
  • avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing

Elude Meaning in Hindi

  • पकड़ में न आने वाला

Elude Word Usage in recent News

Elusive Jerry Video:


Egregious Picture Vocabulary

Egregious Vocab Meme +1 Vocabulary Word to your Word List

Egregious [ih-gree-juh s} (adjective)

  • outrageously bad; shocking.
  • profoundly noticeable in a negative way

Hindi Meaning – बेहद खराब

Egregious Word Usage:

  • Egregious lie or liar
  • Egregious mistake
  • The egregious bowling by Ishant Sharma during the tournament earned him a lot of infamy.
  • Egregious abuses of copyright

Egregious Word Usage in recent News:

Egregious Mnemonic Trick:

Scores we get in GRE is outrageously bad (egregious)