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  • (noun) the state of having limits or bounds. “one quickly senses the finitude of his patience”

Finitude in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • Opinion | Data is not oil, … news had the analogy of data and oil not been so popular in India. … formulation of data as “the new oil”, however, was not about finitude.
  • Over-representation of Minorities in Indian Prisons, The authors then draw on recent memoirs of imprisoned Indian … a shared vocabulary of injustice, pain, human finitude, and vulnerability.
  • Ted Chiang’s Stories Transcend Themes, Pose Essential …, In Chiang’s future, even as technology rapidly advances, human finitude persists along with the human capacity for love, empathy, and …
  • A Delicate Weave: folk singers from Western India celebrate …. which speak of the fragility and finitude of life, the inevitability of grief and an …
  • Book Review: Finding Sacred Spaces in the Anthropocene, For Macfarlane, however, it seems to be only a powerful challenge and shock that discloses our vulnerability and radical finitude. In that case …

Finitude pronunciation


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  • (verb) furrow one’s brows in an expression indicating disapproval, displeasure, or concentration. “he frowned as he reread the letter”
  • (verb) disapprove of. “promiscuity was frowned upon”
  • (noun) a facial expression indicating disapproval, displeasure, or concentration, characterized by a furrowing of one’s brows. “a frown of disapproval”

Frown meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • त्यौरी, तेवर, त्यौरी चढाना, त्योरी, त्योरी चढ़ाना, भ्रूभंग, भ्रूभंग करना, व्यग्र देख पड़ना

Frown origin

  • late Middle English: from Old French froignier, from froigne ‘surly look’, of Celtic origin.

Frown in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • Bring on the farts: Gujarat to hunt for India’s best ‘Fartists’ in …, Gujarat’s (and India’s) first farting competition is less than a week away. … “Millenials frown when someone farts…the talent of farting is being …
  • Adivasis and the Indian State: Tribals’ philosophy of …, Millions speak this variety of Hindi, who equally frown on the word “mein”, … hilly terrains of Central-East India: the languages of the Adivasis.
  • Some people get an electric shock on hearing ‘Om’ & ‘cow …, “In the life of rural India, animal husbandry is very valuable. … those who frown on the use of ‘Om’, an integral part of Hindu culture, marks an …
  • Many frown upon final NRC, govt stresses this is not the end of …, On the expected lines, the final NRC results failed to satisfy many people across the spectrum prompting the government to assuage tempers …
  • Insurance companies report boom in business after new, strict …, … owners frown but insurance companies are laughing all the way to the bank. … The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India …

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Frown 

  • your face will be like something when you are in this mood : “FR”ustated+”OWN”

Frown pronunciation


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  • (verb) go without (something desirable). “she wanted to forgo the tea and leave while they could”
  • (verb) refrain from. “we forgo any comparison between the two men”

Forgo meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • त्याग देना, त्यागना

Forgo origin

  • Old English forgān (see for-go1).

Forgo in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • PM Imran Khan gives army chief Gen Bajwa 3-year extension, .. civilian government to forgo its right to choose a chief of army staff. … message was being conveyed to India that there was “continuation and …
  • Piyush Goyal not attending RCEP Beijing meet, The absence of Goyal means India is budging. The 19 other countries are pushing India to forgo concerns on tariff elimination. The pact would …
  • ‘No first use’ nuke policy isn’t dead, but losing sanctity, He not only went to Pokhran, the site of each of India’s nuclear tests, … from nuclear first use, that the country commits to forgo that option.
  • Properties not selling, GDA considers slashing rates, “For the sake of attracting buyers, we’ll either forgo supervisory and administrative charges completely or will slash it because, on both heads, …
  • India roiled as Trump yanks its status as a developing nation, Indian exporters may have forgo benefits worth $260 million after the U.S. elimination, according to the Federation of Indian Export …

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Forgo 

  • When you tell someone to forgot something you tell him to give up.
  • In order to GIVE UP and DO WITHOUT it, you FORGO(T) it.

Forgo pronunciation


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  • a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)

Fascism meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • सामवाद विरोधी मत, फासिस्टवाद, फ़ैसिस्टवाद, फासिज्म, फासिस्टवाद

Fascism in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • Pakistan PM Imran Khan calls BJP fascist moments before PM Modi’s …, Pakistan on Thursday called the ruling Indian party BJP a fascist regime in a tweet warning of violence in Kashmir. Imran Khan’s tweets came …
  • Analysing Fascism and other phrases thrown around these days, By Jaspal Singh. A young man, an undergraduate student has written and asked me, “Uncle what is Fascism? Some people in India and …
  • Clear-Cut Policy to counter Modi’s Fascist & Racist Policies- Senate …, A panel of the State, on Friday, called for a “clear-cut policy” to counter the fascist ideology of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and has …
  • Why We Have Reason To Worry About The Deadly Signs Of Fascism, Below are some of the early signs of Fascism as coined by Umberto Eco: … During the last five years with the Indian government has been led …
  • Food fascism: The table has been set, … even that wouldn’t hold, because even a hundred years ago food fascism or “culinary apartheid” was very much a thing and not just in India.

Fascism pronunciation


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  • (noun) the best or most important thing owned or produced by a particular organization. “this bill is the flagship of the government’s legislative programme”

Flagship meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • सर्वोत्कृष्ट वस्तु, ध्वजपोत, मुख्य, सर्वोत्कृष्ट

Flagship in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • Qyou Media’s flagship network The Q India launches on ZEE5, MUMBAI: Qyou Media has launched its flagship network The Q India on ZEE5, India’s fastest growing OTT platform. ZEE5 marks the sixth major …
  • Realme X Sale Today via Flipkart, Realme Website: Check Price …, Realme X will go on sale in India today, the current flagship smartphone from the Oppo spin-off brand. To recall, the Realme X was launched in …
  • Reliance Industries set to bring Tiffany stores to India, BENGALURU: India’s Reliance Industries Ltd is partnering with iconic … For Tiffany, known for its diamond engagement rings and a flagship
  • 33% of India’s skilled youth jobless: official survey, Reiterating the government’s commitment to the ‘Skill India’ initiative in her …. The key flagship scheme under the initiative, the Pradhan Mantri …
  • Apple opens its largest India store, “This is the largest Apple flagship store in India,” said Sutinder Singh, founder of Aptronix that is operating the store. Aptronix already runs more …

Flagship pronunciation