Curiosity killed the cat

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curiosity killed the cat meaning

Curiosity killed the cat – Idiom Meme – meaning with picture

Curiosity killed the cat (idiom)

  • being inquisitive about other people’s affairs may get you into trouble.


  • Well everyone knows that cats are very curious creatures and poke their nose everywhere which can cause trouble. It is stated that the phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’ is actually a spin-off of an old saying that really had nothing at all to do with the cat’s natural sleuthing abilities! In the 16th century, there was a saying, “care kills a cat”. This statement meant that cats seemed to be very cautious, careful and worrisome creatures, and too much anxiety can be bad for one’s health, even to the point of sending one to an early grave. A cat, then, could be killed by excessive “care” as indeed could a human. Over the years, the meaning of the word “care” changed, and the word “curiosity” was substituted in the phrase, intending to explain that this was a trait that got both people and cats into trouble sometimes!

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Funny prank to curious cat looking to snake

It takes two to tango

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It takes two to tango meaning

It takes two to tango – Idiom Vocab Meme Dictionary

It takes two to tango (idiom)

  • if two people were involved in a bad situation, both must be responsible


  • The tango is a popular dance in which two partners move in relation to each other. Tango is always danced in couples, and both parts are essential. This common expression can be used to suggest that the active cooperation of two parties is required in some enterprise in order to succeed or accomplish the objectives.Disputes and discussions also need the participation of two parties. Thus, in situations in which both partners don’t agree upon something, we can also say “it takes two to tango”.

‘It takes two to tango’ sentences from newspaper

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Cost (somebody) an arm and a leg

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cost an arm and a leg meaning

Cost an arm and a leg Vocab Meme Dictionary – English Hindi meaning with pictures

Cost an arm and a leg (idiom)

  • to be extremely expensive


  • ‘Arm’ and ‘leg’ are used as examples of items that no one would consider selling other than at an enormous price. It is a grim reality that, around that time, there were many US newspaper reports of servicemen who had lost an arm and a leg in the recent war. It is possible that the phrase originated in reference to the high cost paid by those who suffered such amputations.

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Pull a rabbit out of your hat

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pull the rabbit out of hat

“pull the rabbit out of a hat” Idiom Vocab Meme Dictionary with picture

Pull a rabbit out of your hat (idiom)

  • to do something surprising


  • Lit. [for a magician] to make something, such as a live rabbit, seem to appear by pulling it out of a top hat or out of the air.This expression alludes to the magician’s trick of pulling some unexpected object out of a hat. That object is often rabbit, and the expression pull a rabbit out of a hat is often used to mean “get magical results”.

“pull the rabbit out of a hat” usage in News

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Landslide Victory

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Landslide victory meaning

“Landslide victory” vocab idiom – English to Hindi Dictionary with picture

Landslide Victory (idiom)

  • a victory by a large margin; a very substantial victory, particularly in an election


  • The term is borrowed from geology, where a landslide takes almost everything with it on its way.

Landslide victory meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • भारी जीत

“Landslide victory” in a sentence

So Sorry: Kejriwal enjoying AAP’s landslide victory

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