To Hang Up One’s Boot

Sachin Vocab Meme

To hang up One’s boot Vocab Meme +1 Vocab idiom to your Word list

To Hang Up One’s Boot

  • to retire; to permanently stop playing a sport

“To Hang Up One’s Boot” Idiom Usage

Sachin Tendulkar,one of the greatest batsman ever to play the sport, has confirmed it’s nearly time to hang up his boots.

Happiness Idioms

Happiness Idioms Meme

Happiness related Idioms Memes +6 Vocab Idioms to your Word List

Having a whale of a time: To have an exciting or fun time

On cloud nine: state of happiness

On top of the World: feeling wonderful; glorious; ecstatic

Tickled pink: Very pleased; delighted

Buzzing: make droning sound like a bee;gossip

Over the moon: to be extremely pleased about something

To Smell a Rat

To smell a rat Idiom

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To Smell a Rat 

  • to suspect something that is wrong

To Smell a Rat Idiom Usage:

  • The police setup a trap but the thieves smelt a rat and drove away.

To Smell a Rat Idiom Usage in News: