Redundant English Hindi meaning

Redundant Vocab Meme Dictionary – English to Hindi translation with pictures 

Redundant [ri-duhn-duh nt]

  • (adj) more than is needed, desired, or required
  • (adj) repetition of same sense in different words

Redundant (रिडन्डन्ट) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • अतिरिक्त,अधिक,अनावश्यक,ज्यादा,बेकार,व्यर्थ,फ़ालतू,अत्यधिक शब्दों का,निकाला गया

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  • redundant rhymes Abundant and thts the meaning

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PROCRUSTEAN English Hindi Meaning

Procrustean Vocab Meme Dictionary – English Hindi Translation with picture

Procrustean [proh-kruhs-tee-uh n]

  • (adj) (especially of a framework or system) enforcing uniformity or conformity without regard to natural variation or individuality.“a fixed Procrustean rule”

Procrustean meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • बलपूर्वक समता स्थापित करनेवाला

Procrustean bed 

  • a standard that is enforced uniformly without regard to individuality


Procrustes kept a house by the side of the road where he offered hospitality to passing strangers, who were invited in for a pleasant meal and a night’s rest in his very special bed. Procrustes described it as having the unique property that its length exactly matched whomsoever lay down upon it. What Procrustes didn’t volunteer was the method by which this “one-size-fits-all” was achieved, namely as soon as the guest lay down Procrustes went to work upon him, stretching him on the rack if he was too short for the bed and chopping off his legs if he was too long.

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Gurukul – Procrustead bed

Cost (somebody) an arm and a leg

cost an arm and a leg meaning

Cost an arm and a leg Vocab Meme Dictionary – English Hindi meaning with pictures

Cost an arm and a leg (idiom)

  • to be extremely expensive


  • ‘Arm’ and ‘leg’ are used as examples of items that no one would consider selling other than at an enormous price. It is a grim reality that, around that time, there were many US newspaper reports of servicemen who had lost an arm and a leg in the recent war. It is possible that the phrase originated in reference to the high cost paid by those who suffered such amputations.

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Doppelganger English Hindi Dictionary

Doppelganger Vocab Meme Dictionary – English to Hindi translation with pictures

Doppelgänger [dop-uh l-gang-er; German daw-puh l-geng-er]

  • (noun) an apparition or double of a living person

Doppelgänger in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • सूक्ष्मकाय

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  • Doppelganger contains 2 doubles “p” “p” and “g” “g”

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Iconoclast English Hindi meaning with image

Iconoclast Vocab Meme +1 Vocabulary Word to your Wordlist

Iconoclast [ahy-konuh-klast]

  • (noun) a person who attacks or criticizes cherished beliefs or institutions.
  • (noun) a destroyer of images used in religious worship, in particular.

Iconoclast meaning in Hindi

  • रिवाज़ तोड़ने वाला (m),परम्परा तोड़ने वाला (m),बुतशिकन (m),रूढ़िगत विचारों का विरोधी (m),मूर्ति,पूजा विरोधी (m),मूर्तिभंजक (m),मूर्ति तोड़ने वाला (m)

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  • icons-ideals; clast is like clash… so iconoclast is someone whose ideas clash with the traditional ideals.    -by maryannmanavalan

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