Voluble Vs Taciturn

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Voluble Vs Taciturn

Voluble Vs Taciturn – Vocab Meme Dictionary – English to Hindi Translation with Picture

Voluble [vol-yuh-buh l] 

  • (adj) characterized by a ready and continuous flow of words; fluent; glib;talkative;“Deepika was as voluble as PM was silent”

Voluble (वाल्यबल) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • आलापप्रिय,चञ्चल,धाराप्रवाह,बकवादी,बातूनी,वाक्चपल,वाचाल,लुढ़कने वाला

Taciturn [tas-i-turn] 

  • (adj) (of a person) reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little;When sitting next to Siddhu anyone would appear taciturn.

Taciturn (टैसिटर्न meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • मौन,ख़ामोश,चुप्प,अल्प भाषी,अल्पभाषी,चुप,चुप्पा,तूष्णांक