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  • (noun) a simultaneous discharge of artillery or other guns in a battle. “a deafening salvo of shots rang out”
  • (noun) a number of weapons released from one or more aircraft in quick succession.
  • (noun) a sudden, vigorous, or aggressive act or series of acts. “the pardons provoked a salvo of accusations”
  • (noun) a member of the Salvation Army.

Salvo meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • जयजयकार, त्याग, धमाका, निकास, बाढ़, बाढ़, व्यतिरेक, उपलक्ष, उपलक्ष्य, झड़, फ़ायर, मौक़ा, बारूद की बौछार, तोपों का बोलना, टाल-मटूल, फौजी सलामी

Salvo origin

  • late 16th century (earlier as salve ): from French salve, Italian salva ‘salutation’.
  • late 19th century: abbreviation of salvation.

Salvo in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • Trump fires fresh trade salvo a day ahead of G20 meeting with Modi, New Delhi: Indian tariffs imposed in retaliation to the withdrawal of preferential trade terms by the US are unacceptable and must be reversed, …
  • Why India is striking back against predatory journals, Our foe is determined and adaptable, says Bhushan Patwardhan. A list of credible titles is the latest salvo in the fight against shoddy scholarship.
  • Sarfaraz fires opening salvo ahead of India-Pakistan game, JAIPUR: Social media has already turned into a tinderbox with Sunday scheduled to witness cricket’s most storied rivalry between India and …
  • BJP leader fires Salvo On KCR, BJP senior leader Krishnasagar Rao fired a salvo at Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on the spate of attacks on forest officials …
  • Day that changed Indian cricket, While the ultimate moment arrived at Lord’s, India had fired the first salvo a fortnight before that had been completely ignored, even by their own …

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Salvo 

  • poore saal(whole year) salvo of bullets in the Kashmir valley..
  • pray to god to salvage you when salvo is going on!

Salvo pronunciation

Pakistan Sulks After India's United Nations Salvo