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Acclivity meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • चढ़ाई, चढ़ाव, चढ़ाना

Acclivity meaning in English (Vocabulary words)

  • (noun) an upward slope.

Acclivity origin (Root word)

  • early 17th century: from Latin acclivitas, from acclivis, from ad- ‘towards’ + clivus ‘a slope’.

Acclivity in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • Straining up acclivities, floundering through swamps, struggling with the rapid currents of rivers, this detachment succeeded in penetrating more than two hundred miles into the enemy’s country, and to within twenty-five miles of Burlington Heights.
  • Above, for many a league, the bank was guarded by an unbroken range of steep101 acclivities.
  • A steep acclivity, as the slope of a hill, or the side of a ravine.
  • Houses of the poorer sort straggle up its eastern acclivity, while the south and west faces remain as formed by nature, abrupt and precipitous.
  • It extends about 2 m. along the river bank, occupying a slight acclivity which reaches its summit at Windmill Hill, whence extensive views are obtained of the river, with its windings and shipping.

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Acclivity

  • if u knwo that cliff is A steep high face of rock, then its easy to remember
  • ac+cliv+ity….cliv is similar to CLIMB..can relate to the meaning…climbing the steep upslope of a hill

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