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Aberrant English Hindi meaning

Aberrant Vocab Meme Dictionary – English to Hindi translation with Pictures

Aberrant [uhberuh nt, ab-er-]

  • (adj) departing from an accepted standard; “aberrant behaviour”
  • (noun) an aberrant person, thing, group, etc.

Aberrant (अबेरन्ट / ऐबेरन्ट) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • धर्मपथ से हटनेवाला,शरीर में सामान्य से हटकर विभिन्न नलिकाएँ,पथ भ्रष्ट

Origin of Aberrant

  • mid 16th century: from Latin aberrant- ‘wandering away’, from the verb aberrare, from ab- ‘away, from’ + errare ‘to stray’.

Aberrant in a sentence (usage in Newspaper)

  • Cult Members: Aberrant But are They Insane?
  • The act of attacking humans is an aberrant behaviour on part of the leopards, but this is the symptom not the cause of the problem.
  • We say that cancer begins often with a single aberrant cell.
  • Keeping in mind its aberrant behavior, it would have been prudent to put a monitoring apparatus in place.
  • An aberrant monsoon can lead to higher food and vegetable prices, fuelling inflation once again and, thereby, inhibiting the central bank from further cuts in interest rates.

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Aberrant

  • ‘Ab’ agar ‘ant’ ko ‘beer’ pila doge, toh woh Aberrant hi behave karegi

Aberrant Pronunciation

Nana Patekar Aberrant Comedy

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