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Abominable meaning in English

  • (adj) causing moral revulsion. “the uprising was suppressed with abominable cruelty”
  • (adj) very bad; terrible. “what an abominable mess!”

Abominable meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • घटिया, ख़राब, भद्दा, घिनौना, नृशंस, बीभत्स, घृणित

Abominable origin

  • Middle English: via Old French from Latin abominabilis, from abominari (see abominate). The term was once widely believed to be from ab- ‘away from’ + Latin homine (from homo ‘human being’), thus ‘inhuman, beastly’, and frequently spelled abhominable until the 17th century.

Abominable in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • Congress hits out at PM Modi for ‘silence’ on Hyderabad vet …, … got time to say a word against such an abominable act or condemn it. … “At a time, when not only in India, but in the whole world, there has …
  • Maharashtra’s political tamasha, Yet truth be told boldly, it is pitiable, no well nigh abominable, that Indian democracy should now be talked about in terms of memes and social …
  • Citizens to agitate against deteriorating Civic Services in Silchar, … accumulates here and there for days, giving out abominable smell and center of germs with harmful effects on human health and hygiene.
  • Maharashtra Governor’s pay scale hike from Rs 1.1 lakh to Rs …, Her views are abominable. Can she remain a BJP MP?” CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury tweeted. “Godse in India and Gandhi to the …
  • Fee hikes, discrimination trigger unrest in varsity campuses, Netizens have commented, “The abominable fee hike in JNU and … are getting affected by the fee hike all across India including #IITs, #NLU.

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Abominable

  • abominable means think as boman irani(vilan in 3idiots)…so he is bad,hated by all,his face was extremely unplesant (in dat picture)
  • abo + min + able : this work is not even above (ab) my minimum (min) ability (able) level.. so it’s exceptionally bad.

Abominable pronunciation


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