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Abut meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • सटा होना, लगा हुआ होना, मिलना, लगातार, सीमा पर एकत्रित होना

Abut meaning in English (Vocabulary words)

  • (verb) (of a building or an area of land) be next to or have a common boundary with. “gardens abutting Great Prescott Street”
  • (verb) touch or lean on. “masonry may crumble where a roof abuts it”

Abut origin (Root word)

  • late Middle English: the sense ‘have a common boundary’ from Anglo-Latin abuttare, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + Old French but ‘end’; the sense ‘lean upon’ (late 16th century) from Old French abouter, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + bouter ‘strike, butt’, of Germanic origin.

Abut in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • Robots to help Indian Army fight terror in Kashmir, A senior Indian Army officer told IANS that these robots should be capable of … “It should also transmit visual data to a distance of abut 150-200 …
  • Centre questions need to privatize profit-making city airport, Nagpur: The union ministry of civil aviation has asked Mihan India Ltd … were frequent changes in the eligibility criterion abut experience
  • View: How the Ayodhya verdict retains the secular fabric of the …,In the vast expanse of India, there would be plenty of temples that have … In any case, in Kashi and Mathura, mosques abut, rather than stand …
  • Striking a Fine Balance | The Judgment, In order to do justice to all parties, Indian courts have long used the …. like in Mathura or Kashi, where mosques abut temples won’t flare up.
  • Future Group’s FBB proves fashion is for all at Mahabachat, The workshops were held in select store across Indian cities. … Worldwide, everyone is talking abut independent shopping and enabling this is so important”.

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Abut

  • Look at your BUTT (Dont take it offensively).Its like two pieces of flesh together marked by a boundary in between them ..Thats abut.
  • A+But : ‘But’ is used to (ad)join two sentence as in example : He is good guy, but not a good student.

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