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Camouflage meme with english hindi meaning

Camouflage Vocab Meme +1 Vocabulary Word to your word list

Camouflage memeCamouflage [kam-uh-flahzh]

  • (noun) the act of concealing the identity of something by modifying its appearance
  • (verb) disguise by camouflaging; exploit the natural surroundings to disguise something

Camouflage meaning in Hindi

  • छद्मावरण से छिपाना

Camouflage Word Usage

Camouflage Mnemonic trick to remember word

  • CAMEL+FLAG=CAMOUFLAGE.changing the appearance of the camel, the owner of camel can sell the camel                                        – by moorthy_ragha

How to pronounce camouflage

Watch 2015 Ford Mustang: The Art of Camouflage [Video]

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