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Chimerical [ki-mer-i-kuh l, –meer-, kahy-]

  • (adj) unreal; imaginary; visionary
  • (adj) wildly fanciful; highly unrealistic

Chimerical (किमेरकल / किमेरिकल) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • असंगत,असंभव,असाध्य,कल्पित,काल्पनिक,नामुमकिन,निर्मूल,स्वप्निल

Chimerical in a sentence

  • But big question is: will the Congress move on? If they have, they will not opt for chimerical solutions like bringing in Priyanka to replace Rahul.
  • “It’s easy to get carried away by product design but success in brand sales can be chimerical.”
  • While Bollywood flicks are bubbling with the chimerical emotions of eternal romance, very few of real life celebrity couples can be remembered.
  • But that helped her love her craft irrespective of chimerical success.

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Chimerical

  • It has “miracle” in it-> Miracle is imaginative.

Chimerical Pronunciation

Chimera or Magic trick


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