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  • (noun) a building or complex of buildings containing a number of individually owned apartments or houses.
  • (noun) the joint control of a state’s affairs by other states.
  • (noun) a state so governed. “Sudan was from 1899 an Anglo-Egyptian condominium”

Condominium meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • सहराज्य, सहस्वामित्व, सहाधिकार, सम्मिलित-अधिकार, सह-शासित प्रदेश, सहशासित राज्य

Condominium origin

  • early 18th century: modern Latin, from con- ‘together with’ + dominium ‘right of ownership’ (see dominion). condominium (sense 1) dates from the 1960s.

Condominium in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • Two puppies ‘fall’ from eighth floor of condo in Gurugram, die, Two Shih Tzu dogs were killed at a condominium in Sector 65 early … of Cruelty of Animals Act, 1960 and sections 428 and 429 of the Indian …
  • Hong Kong’s Risland enters Indian realty market, “Sky Mansion is our first project in India – a 100-metre tall ultra luxury residential condominium that is set to redefine the skyline of South Delhi,” …
  • Chinese investors shine in Asian realty, In Thailand, the number of Chinese buyers of condominiums jumped … Malaysia ($500 million) and India ($300 million) also contributed to …
  • Kolkata’s sought after luxury condominium Urbana unveils model flat, Urbana, Kolkata’s most sought after luxury condominium, unveiled yet … The parent’s room has fabric panel cupboard, Indian motif fabrics and …
  • Gurgaon: Woman dead in fire at condominium, It was less than six months ago that 33-year-old Swati and her husband Girish

Condominium pronunciation

How To Say Condominium

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