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Ogle picture with meaning

Ogle Vocab Meme +1 Vocabulary word to your wordlist

Ogle [oh-guh l]

  • (verb) to look at amorously, flirtatiously, or impertinently.
  • (verb) look or stare at.
  • (noun) a lecherous look

Ogle (ओगल) meaning in Hindi

  • तिरछी नजर से देखना, कटाक्ष , दृष्टता से देखना,कनखियों से देखना

Ogle word usage in recent news (ogle in a sentence)

Mnemonic Trick to remember the meaning of Ogle

  • O+gle..(girls)..so a man staring or eyeing young girls..   – by preetisoni2411

How to pronounce Ogle

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