Out of the blue

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out of the blue English Hindi meaning

“Out of the blue” Idiom meme dictionary – English to Hindi Dictionary with picture dictionary

Out of the blue

  • (phrase) without warning; unexpectedly

“Out of the Blue” meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • अप्रत्याशित समय पर

“Out of the Blue” Origin

  • Blue refers to the clear blue sky. Normally a thunderstorm does not happen when the sky is clear blue. When it happens, that surprises us since it is unexpected. This explains the ‘connection’ to “blue” in the idiom.

“Out of the Blue” in a sentence (word usage in newspaper)

  • My husband divorced me out of the blue.
  • Balganga project report was prepared ‘out of the blue‘: ACB
  • I was going up a slight incline about 35 miles per hour, and this car came down right out of the blue.
  • The call really came out of the blue.
  • To Fraser’s peers, the news came out of the blue.

What it means when a friend suddenly drops you out of the blue

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