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  • (verb) be a sign or warning of (an imminent event, typically an unwelcome one). “the heavy clouds above the moorland presaged snow”
  • (verb) (of a person) predict. “lands he could measure, terms and tides presage”
  • (noun) an omen or portent. “the fever was a sombre presage of his final illness”
  • (noun) a feeling of presentiment or foreboding. “he had a strong presage that he had only a very short time to live”

Presage meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • शकुन, पूर्वसूचना, पूर्वसंकेत,पूर्वसूचना देना, पहले से अनुभाव करना, पहले से महसूस करना, भविष्य कहना

Presage origin

  • late Middle English (as a noun): via French from Latin praesagium, from praesagire ‘forebode’, from prae ‘before’ + sagire ‘perceive keenly’.

Presage in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • Their Last Rides, But their weather-beaten visages presage a grim future for their beloved trams. In Sayeed’s youth, trams were one of the symbols of Calcutta’s …
  • We Are Running Out of Air, One of India’s holiest rivers is covered in toxic foam that looks like white … The episodes, which are getting worse over time, presage crises in …
  • Opinion | Phage therapy could arm the world against superbugs, The second is the use of computational algorithms to presage a scientific … Switzerland and even India, among others, and sourced viruses of …
  • A case against judicial recusal, Over the past week, the Supreme Court of India has found itself … not use uncompromising or injudicious language to
    ‘Mega Caps’ May Be Safe But Value Lies Elsewhere, Says …, India’s equity market has witnessed polarisation within the NSE Nifty 50 since the index …. presage the economy between four and six months.
  • India Shot Down a Satellite, Modi Says, Shifting Balance of …, In this case, scientists estimate that the satellite that India blasted apart was …. It also could presage a change in Indian nuclear strategy

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Presage

  • pre+sage- a SAGE has the power to PRE-tell the future.
  • PRESAGE -> PRE-MESSAGE. A message that comes beforehand.

Presage pronunciation


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