Mellifluous vocab meaning

Mellifluous Vocab Meme – Daily English Pictures with words to improve your vocab

Mellifluous [muh-lif-loo-uhs] (adjective) 

  • sweet-sounding, pleasing to the ear
  • smoothly flowing like a honey


Quaint meaning

Quaint Vocab Meme – Daily English Vocabulary Words to improve your vocab

Quaint (adjective)

  • attractively old-fashioned,oddly picturesque
  • strange in an interesting or pleasing way
  • odd or even incongruous in character or appearance


Patriotism Vs Jingoism

Jingoism and Patriotism vocab meme meaning

Jingoism and Patriotism Vocab Meme – Daily english vocabulary words to improve your vocab


  • love and support for the country, national loyalty, nationalism


  • fanatical patriotism, chauvinism, super patriotism, ultranationalism