Apposite (or Pertinent)

Apposite Pertinent meaning with picture

Apposite and pertinent + 2 vocabulary words to your wordlist

Apposite [ap-uh-zit, uh-poz-it] (adjective)

  • suitable; well-adapted; pertinent; relevant; apt: an apposite answer.
  • being of striking appropriateness and pertinence

Apposite (ऐपज़िट) meaning in Hindi

  • उचित,उपयुक्त

Pertinent [pur-tn-uh nt]

  • pertaining or relating directly and significantly to the matter at hand; relevant: pertinent details.

Pertinent (पर्टनन्ट / पर्टिनिन्ट) meaning in Hindi

  • उचित,उपयुक्त,ठीक,योग्य

Apposite and Pertinent Word Usage in Recent News

Apposite Mnemonic trick to remember Apposite meaning

  • apposite=> opposite of OPPOSITE i.e. perfectly matched; appropriate; most suitable    -by kamil king

Pertinent Mnemonic trick to remember Pertinent meaning

  • relate to pertaining….which means relevant to   -by kishu1987

How to Pronounce Pertinent

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Amalgamate image with meaning

Amalgamate Vocab Meme +1 Vocabulary Word to your Word list

Amalgamate [uh-mal-guh-meyt]

  • (verb) combine or unite to form one organization or structure

Amalgamate meaning in Hindi

  • मिलाना,एक होना,मिल जाना,मिश्रित करना

Amalgamate word usage in recent news (Amalgamate in a sentence)

Mnemonic trick to remember Amalgamate meaning

  • suppose you are shy girl and you have a+ male+game+mate (amalgamate)what you should do ? of course combine or unite with your mate against other groups                                                         – by Tural

How to Pronounce Amalgamate

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Martinet English Hindi Meaning

Martinet Vocab Meme +1 Vocabulary Word to your Wordlist

Martinet [mahr-tn-et] (noun)

  • a person who demands complete obedience; a strict disciplinarian.

Martinet meaning in Hindi

  • कठोर अनुशासक

Martinet Word Usage (Martinet in a sentence)

Mnemonic trick to remember the word

  • martinet:(martin luther king) martin luther king was such a strict person, who demands the people of his kingdom to follow the rules strictly in a discipline manner.                                                                                        -By Narensuri


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Aback ( or Taken Aback)

Aback Hindi meaning meme

Aback Vocab Meme +1 Vocabulary Word to your Word list

Aback [uh-bak]

  • (adjective) by surprise
  • (adverb) toward the back

Aback meaning in Hindi

  • चकित,अचानक,एकाएक,पीछे,पीछे की ओर

Idiom: Taken Aback – taken by surprise

Aback word usage in recent news (Aback in a sentence)

Aback Mnemonic trick to remember word

  • a+back…when get a surprise ..u move BACK either with surprise or excitement                                                                                                     -by preetisoni2411

How to pronounce Aback

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Profuse (or Profusion)

Profuse meaning hindi meme

Profusion Vocab Meme +1 vocabulary Word to your Word list

Profusion [pruh-fyoo-zhuh n] (noun)

  • an abundance or large quantity of something
  • lavish spending; extravagance

Profusion meaning in Hindi

  • आधिक्य,प्रचुरता

Profusion word usage in recent news (profusion in a sentence)

Note : Don’t get confused with perfusion which means pumping a liquid into an organ or tissue

Profusion Mnemonic trick to remember word

  • Nuclear fusion release abundant amount of energy…so profusion is something extremely abundant -by aesulapiuuss

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