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Abusive meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning)

  • यौन उत्पीड़न संबंधी, अपमानजनक, अत्याचारपूर्ण, अनुचित, दुर्व्यवहारपूर्ण, गलत, निन्दक कुत्सावादी, अपशब्दपूर्ण, प्रताड़नापूर्ण

Abusive meaning in English (Vocabulary words)

  • (adj) extremely offensive and insulting. “the goalkeeper was sent off for using abusive language”
  • (adj) engaging in or characterized by habitual violence and cruelty. “abusive parents”
  • (adj) involving injustice or illegality. “the abusive and predatory practices of businesses”

Abusive in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper)

  • House panel queries Twitter on content abusive of women, Appearing before the Committee, representatives of Twitter India made a presentation to apprise members of the action it had taken to tackle …
  • Sikh Uber driver racially abused, strangulated by passenger in …, Washington: A Sikh Uber driver in the US was racially abused and strangulated by a passenger, a media report said. The incident took place in …
  • Punjab govt suspends DSP for ‘abusing‘ Cabinet minister, Ashu said: “He had been abusing me for three months. I was just waiting and … For all the latest India News, download Indian Express App.
  • The boys learning anti-sexism in India, India’s Action for Equality programme seeks to end violence against … and empowered women will go home with violent and abusive men.”
  • ‘I fought for the turf you stand on’: Disturbing moment Australian Uber driver claiming to be an Army veteran racially abuses an Indian motorist.

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Abusive

  • ab + usive : ab+use; ab is generally used in negative (bad) sense. Hence, we should not use bad language (abusive)in front of our child.

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