To burn one’s finger

To burn one's finger idiom meaning

To burn one’s finger idiom meme – Daily english vocabulary words & pictures to improve your vocab

To burn one’s finger

  • to get one’s self into unexpected trouble, as by interfering the concerns of others, speculation, etc.

He got his fingers badly burned speculating in oil shares.


Peter Capaldi incarnation vocab meme

Incarnation vocab meme – Daily English Vocabulary Words Pictures to improve your vocab


  • the act of attributing human characteristics to abstract ideas etc.

  • a new personification of a familiar idea ; an incarnation of evil

  • time passed in a particular bodily form


Scoot Vocab Meme

Scoot Vocab Meme – Daily Vocabulary words to improve your vocab

Scoot (verb)

  • run or move very quickly or hastily, dart

Mnemonic:  Scooter was derived from the word Scoot.

“Bhag Milkha Bhag” movie English version can be called?

“Scoot Milkha Scoot” (“Bhag” is the Hindi language word which means to run)