ambidextrous vocab meaning

Ambidextrous Vocab Meme – Daily English Vocabulary Words with Pictures to improve your vocab


Ambidextrous Mithun

Ambidextrous [am-bi-dek-struhs] (adjective)

  • Able to use both hands equally well
  • unusually skillful; facile

It can also be used with the practice of deceitful double-dealing


Vacillate meaning

Vacillate Vocab Meme – daily English pictures with words to improve your vocab

Vacillate [vas-uh-leyt] (verb)

  • be undecided about something;indecisive;
  • to oscillate or fluctuate.


Mellifluous vocab meaning

Mellifluous Vocab Meme – Daily English Pictures with words to improve your vocab

Mellifluous [muh-lif-loo-uhs] (adjective) 

  • sweet-sounding, pleasing to the ear
  • smoothly flowing like a honey