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Minuscule [minuh-skyool, mi-nuhs-kyool]

  • (adj) extremely small; tiny; “a minuscule fragment of DNA”
  • (adj) so small as to be insignificant; “he believed the risk of infection was minuscule”
  • (adj) (of letters or writing) small; not capital.
  • (noun) a small cursive script developed in the 7th century a.d. from theuncial, which it afterward superseded.

Minuscule (मिनस्क्यूल) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Dictionary)

  • छोटा अक्षर, अल्प, बहुत कम, बहुत छोटा, बहुत सूक्ष्म

Minuscule Origin

  • early 18th century: from French, from Latin minuscula (littera) ‘somewhat smaller (letter)’.

Minuscule in a sentence (word usage in newspaper)

  • Other communities like Buddhist, Jains and Sikhs constitute only a minuscule portion of the population of the five states.
  • More surprising, investigators have found that the giant cloud of minuscule particles spread around the globe blocked sunlight.
  • Once we were done paying for the wax and other raw materials, the measure of profit was minuscule.
  • We had ventured into segments such as commercial, land and short stays, which form a minuscule share of the real estate market.
  • The initial meetings between Modi and Sharif indicated that the two leaders might find common ground to boost minuscule trade flows.

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of minuscule

  • Minus – too many minus would make it minuscule

Minuscule Pronunciation

Minuscule Valley Of The Lost Ants – Special Load (Excerpt)


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