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Regale [ri-geyl]

  • (verb) to entertain lavishly or agreeably; delight.
  • (verb) to entertain with choice food or drink.

Regale meaning in Hindi

  • भोज देना,प्रसन्न करना,दावत करना,खुश करना,धूमधाम से खाना खिलाना

Regale word usage in recent news (Regale in a sentence)

Regale Mnemonic trick to remember word

  • re+gale(remember chris gayle )if he comes to bat again he always provides entertainment to audience                                                         -by crazylooks

How to pronounce regale

Watch How Gayle and Harbhajan Singh regales spectators


  1. You are doing a good job anshul..nice concept…but i need to know one thing..You are using images from other sites, right??..and i guess videos too..are you returning credits to them??

    1. Thank you Harsh! The images used on our website are royalty free images(none of them are copyrighted). We work on those free images and then try to associate them with vocabulary words.Not to mention, we do give credits if image is taken in original form. For more information read this . Also, videos are taken from different YouTube Channels. As per YouTube policy, if someone uploads a video on YouTube. He/She gives complete right to YouTube and its users to share the video on any platform. So, We are not violating any terms or condition here.

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